Solar Eclipse Information for August 21st, 2017

August 4, 2017

Solar Eclipse Safety Information
August 21, 2017
Eclipse Time Schedule
Starting around 1:00 the moon will begin to cross the surface of the sun. The eclipse will reach maximum coverage around 2:30. The moon will then start to move off the surface of the sun and the eclipse will be over around 4:00.
Eclipse Coverage
In our area, the maximum eclipse will be at 84% coverage (2:30), so the sun will shine in a crescent shape at maximum eclipse. At no time will the sun be safe to look at without special eclipse safety glasses.
Eclipse Safety
All students who may be outside during the eclipse need to be informed of the danger of looking at the eclipse even during the maximum eclipse. Blindness from the sun’s brightness and ultraviolet rays can occur in seconds and is not reversible.
Our elementary students are at great risk as their curiosity can lead to blindness.  Please take every action necessary to prevent our students from looking at the eclipse without protective eyewear. This may mean keeping your students inside during the eclipse as they may attempt to look at the eclipse even with instruction to not look at the sun.
Here are 2 links for more information on the solar eclipse. 


NASA Eclipse Information:


NASA Eclipse Safety


NASA Live Streaming of the Eclipse

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