City government the focus of Councilman's visit to GMS

March 12, 2018

City of Galion Third Ward Councilman Michael Richart visited with eighth grade students in Ms. Shelly Barton’s History class at Galion Middle School Friday, March 9.

The idea for Councilman Richart to speak with the classes was originally his daughter’s, Maddie an eighth grader at GMS.

“Maddie thought it would be a great idea to have me come in and discuss the role of City Council in the overall operations of the City of Galion,” said Councilman Richart. “Ms. Barton agreed and extended the invitation to stay for the day and speak to all her students.”

During his time with the students, Councilman Richart shared the process City Council goes through to pass ordinances during their meetings. He also explained to students the difference between “declaring an emergency” for an ordinance and suspending the rules for voting on an ordinance.

“When an ordinance is declared an emergency, it just means that the law becomes effectively immediately after the Mayor signs it and does not have to wait 30 days to become the law,” the Councilman explained. “When we suspend the rules, we take an ordinance from its first reading directly to a final reading and vote by the council.”

Councilman Richart also discussed how ordinances start in a council committee, and from the committee it gets referred to the entire City Council. Once an ordinance is presented to City Council, it typically is discussed and voted on during three different meeting.

“As a parent, I think it’s important that our students understand how their City Council operates,” said Councilman Richart. “My hope is that the students came away with a better understanding for how local government works, and an appreciation for the work being done by the employees and elected officials at City Hall for our community.”

Councilman Richart encouraged the students to engage in local government if they see something they want to change. He finished his time by inviting the students to attend a City Council meeting to see their local government in action.

“We want to make every accommodation possible any time we can engage our students in discussions with elected city officials,” said Joe Morabito, Galion Middle School Principal. “Councilman Richart’s willingness to speak with our students is greatly appreciated, and I hope the students left the classroom better educated about the process of local government.”

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