Galion alumnae return to share experiences during annual Champions Day

June 6, 2019

Galion Middle School seventh and eighth grade girls had the opportunity to learn about the keys to success from individuals with a strong personal connection to Galion during the annual Champions Day May 16.

The activities, organized by GMS teacher Troy Yunker and a group of Middle School staff members, centered around the things the students can start doing to lay the foundation to become a champion.

Galion alumna and current fifth-grade teacher Sue Stark delivered the keynote address during the event. Her speech to the students focused on several concepts to help the young ladies in attendance be ready to face the challenges of their lives.

“I was so honored to be asked to be the keynote speaker because I spoke to so many students that I knew,” Stark said. “My goal was to encourage all young women to set their goals high and work hard to achieve them because anything is possible!”

The concepts of Stark’s speech included the importance of learning to work collaboratively, the idea of finding one’s inner strength and never giving up, and she encouraged the young women to find their voices and love themselves.

“I had wonderful teachers throughout my education,” Stark said. “They are the role models that I have used throughout my career, and I want my students to love coming to my classes as much as I loved attending theirs.”  

The Galion champions who spent time with students during the breakout sessions included successful women with diverse backgrounds. This year’s speakers included Leslie Holtshouse Cobb, Jill Corbin Mahoney, Marissa Gwinner, Bri Streib, Andi Tyo Barnes, Karri Cecil Schildmeyer, Mallory Wiggins Weaver, Jennifer Skillicorn Wolfe, Nikki Evans Workman, Tina Thomas Gabler, Cindy Miller Wallis, Daphne Mayer Bowman, Suzanne Stevens Woodmansee, Kim Chandler, Sue Wittibslager Stark, Dani Court and Erin Sharrock White.

 “This event is about the character, discipline, work ethic and other personality traits that it takes to be a champion in life,” Troy Yunker said. “We had a great group of champions from varying professional backgrounds helping to communicate the message!”

This is the fourth year of the Champions Day event at Galion Middle School. Nearly 80 Galion alumni and other individuals with ties to the Galion City School District have participated in the event to help Galion students learn invaluable life skills to help them each become a champion in life.

“I want to thank Mr. Yunker and the Middle School for taking the initiative to organize Champions Day for our students,” Superintendent Jim Grubbs said. “I appreciate each of the speakers taking time from their busy lives to share their experiences with our students.”

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