November Board of Education Meeting 11/20/19

November 22, 2019

On Wednesday night at the board meeting, multiple students were recognized for their outstanding achievements so far this year.

3rd graders, Addison Parsons and Wesley Williams, 4th graders, Maria Wegesin and Mason Trimble, and 5th graders, Lincoln Pierce and Preston Maley, were all recognized for their top performance on the STARs assessment. They were awarded certificates for their achievements at the meeting.

Senior, Braxton Tate, was recognized for his 3rd place finish at the Division II State Cross Country meet a few weeks back, and was also presented with a certificate from the board for his accomplishments. Braxton’s fastest time for the season was 15 minutes and 23 seconds. Aside from being known for being an excellent athlete, Braxton is also known for his sportsmanship as he can always be seen shaking other runners’ hands after the meets and helping others up when they need it after a race.

The board accepted donations of calculators worth $1890 for the 6th graders from Galion Building and Loan, $5500 from the Galion Booster Club for Basketball Shoot-a-Ways, and $3,425 form the Galion Education Foundation for use for the Galion Primary School Giving Tuesday luncheon winner, Lowe Volk Kindergarten field trip, Galion Academic Challenge Team, and four belt squat machines for Galion strength and fitness and physical education.

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