April 2020 Board Meeting

April 27, 2020

Galion’s board members met over Zoom for their April board meeting.

At the meeting, the board approved Mrs. Jennifer Allerding to be the next superintendent for the school district beginning on August 1st of 2020. Allerding currently serves as the director of instruction and learning, but that position will be taken over by the current primary principal, Melisa Watters. Katy Erlsten, the assistant principal at the primary, will take over the principal’s position. Administration members are hoping to bring a recommendation for the new assistant principal at the next board meeting.

In superintendent Jim Grubb’s report to the board, commended all staff members for how well they’re doing right now with helping students in uncertain and unusual times. “Our teachers have been challenged to totally relearn and redo how they ever taught in the past, and the challenges of using technology to distribute lessons in a format that kids understand and hopefully will be able to respond back, and the number of parent contacts our staff has been able to make is remarkable. Our elementary teachers are creating packets for students and grading those packets that have been returned, and the contacts they’re making with our kids is remarkable.”

“Our administrative staff, the challenges are real. I keep saying that I feel like I am working harder now than I have ever worked. Now, it seems like we’re always in some kind of meeting and the amount of work that goes into being a part of those, is also a challenge. I appreciate all of the things that our administrators are doing. Many are reporting to their buildings every day, if not every other day and trying to take care of things that need to be done inside the school as well,” Grubbs said.

“When it comes to our classified staff have done a remarkable job at feeding kids. There are over 700 kids a day that they’re feeding. When they go out on the buses, they are taking two breakfasts and two lunches to the kids. There are close to 3,000 meals a day/9,000 meals a week that we’re distributing. Our maintenance and custodial staff are in the buildings every day, getting the building the ready,” Grubbs said.

Grubbs also got choked up when he told the board about the turnout to lighting the stadium and the parade that was held for the seniors. “It was very special and we had a great turnout. I appreciate all the folks who came out to support our seniors. It was tough to watch, but it made you proud to be a tiger.”

The board also discussed policy changes, such as a statewide change in graduation requirements and the addition of graduation seals.

The state changed the graduation requirements from a point system to a Competency and Readiness system. Under the new system the students must receive a competency score on ELA II and Algebra I tests, earn an industry-recognized credential, show proof of military enlistment, or complete college-level coursework for Math and English.

They must also earn two graduation seals from a list of twelve. Three of the twelve can be locally defined seals. The locally defined seals are Community service, Fine arts, and Student Engagement.

The locally defined seals are a community service seal, a fine arts seal, and a student engagement seal.

A few of the requirements for the community service seal include a minimum of 60 hours of community service that are completed without compensation and for non-family community members or community organizations, and hours must be completed by April 1st of the student’s senior year.

Requirements for the fine arts seal are students must earn 8 points (each fine/performing arts class offered at GHS or PCTC) counts as one point. Outside activities and performances, such as local theater, orchestra, choir, music contest, etc. may earn points as well. Outside performances must receive pre-approval.

For the student engagement seal, students must have 8 complete extra-curricular experiences during high school, such as athletics, clubs, or student government, and they must be school sponsored and supervised. A coach, athletic director, or club advisor will determine if the student has participated to a meaningful extent and sign verification paperwork.

Should a student transfer to Galion, the school district will honor any seals earned at a precious school as long as there is documentation.

New courses added in the STEM program are Robotics II and Computer programming, and two college English classes, 2 Spanish classes, 2 history classes, and two science classes have been offered to the list of College Credit Plus courses offered at the school.

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