Galion students gain real world experience through service

March 16, 2021

Fifth-grade students at Galion Intermediate School wanted to help serve their community and decided on a service project for the Humane Society Serving Crawford County. 

The students, with the approval of Intermediate School Principal Alex Sharick, are collecting donations from schoolmates who choose to dress down every Friday through April 30. 

Intermediate School students, for $.25 can wear jeans, while for $.50 they can wear jeans and their shirt of choice, and for $1.00 they can wear jeans, a shirt of choice, and a hoodie. Families are asked to make sure that their student’s clothing choices for dress-down are appropriate for the school day.

“Community service has become an important part of the culture at Galion Intermediate School,” Principal Sharick said. “The students made a great presentation, and it was my pleasure to give them the green light to move forward with their project.”

There’s a slight twist to the project that involves Galion City Schools Treasurer Charlene Parkinson, who is helping the students gain real-world experience about money management.

“Each week I work with the students to accurately count the money that has been donated and provide an overall total of the donations collected,” Mrs. Parkinson said. “I then help them prepare the donations to be deposited into the bank account for the district.”

Fifth-grade teacher Paula Prince is grateful for the time Mrs. Parkinson is giving to the students to help them learn about money management.

“Mrs. Parkinson does a great job working with our students each week to manage the proceeds collected,” she said. “The students may not realize it now, but they are working with an incredibly intelligent person who is helping prepare them for life after school.”

Students have collected $885.00 through March 15. Once the final donations are accepted and counted on April 30, students will present their total donation to the Humane Society Serving Crawford County in May.

Please contact the Galion Intermediate School at 419-468-3676 for more information about this service project.

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