Galion students collect more than 5,000 pairs of socks for "Socktober"

November 29, 2021

Learning to give back to the community and help others has become a staple in the educational journey for students in the Galion City Schools. 

The Galion Intermediate School and Galion Primary School held the annual “Socktober” fundraiser, and it was a tremendous success. The students collected 5,410 pairs of new socks, bringing their eight-year total to more than 11,000 pairs of socks collected.

The district has been donating the collected socks to the Heart of Ohio Homeless Shelter - Marion Shelter Program since the inception of the service project. Heath Ring, Executive Director of the Marion Shelter Program, said their mission is fulfilled with support from their communities. 

“We compassionately address the needs of homeless individuals and families by providing safe shelter, basic necessities, and a structured opportunity to (re)gain sustainable self-sufficiency,” Ring said. “Through their generous and compassionate donations, the Galion City Schools are partnering with us on mission and contributing to helping homeless individuals and families move closer to sustainable self-sufficiency!”

The top three classes collecting socks at Galion Intermediate School included: Ms. Prince/Mrs. Garver’s homeroom - 861 pairs of socks; Mrs. Stinehour’s homeroom - 757 pairs of socks; and Mrs. Regan/Mrs. Smith’s homeroom - 145 pairs of socks.

“Community service is a great way to give to the people who need help,” fifth-grade teacher Paula Prince said. “It is simply amazing that our students have collected over 11,000 pairs of socks in eight years to help people in need."

The top three classes collecting socks at Galion Primary School included: Mrs. Tanner’s class - 289 pairs of socks; Ms. Scyks’ class - 249 pairs of socks; and Mrs. Evak’s class - 219 pairs of socks.

“This is not an insignificant initiative and project,” Ring said. “Socktober is exponentially growing and impacting the Galion and Crawford County community and surrounding communities in Marion, Union, Delaware, Morrow, and Wyandot Counties.”

“I am incredibly proud of our students and staff at the Primary and Intermediate School for taking the time to help those in need in our community,” Galion Superintendent Jennifer Allerding said. “Student-led community service projects enhance the overall education of students in the Galion City Schools, and I’m proud of all our students and staff in the district for finding ways to help the Galion and Crawford County community in a variety of ways.”

For more information about the “Socktober” fundraiser, please contact Paula Prince at 419-468-3676 or email

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