Galion sixth grade students apply “ABC’s of Etiquette” during feast

December 8, 2021

Students learn many lessons inside and outside the classroom throughout their academic careers in the Galion City Schools. 

One lesson the Galion Middle School sixth grade team focused on is proper etiquette, and sixth-grade students enjoyed an “Etiquette Feast” as their culminating activity on Nov. 23.

The students studied “The 55 Essential Rules” by Ron Clark during Academic Assist. One of the rules covered in the book is the “ABC's of Etiquette.”

“The ABC's cover how to eat in a restaurant and set the table, pass the food, manners in a public place and more,” sixth-grade teacher Rachel Gangwer said. “This event has been a great success over the past several years, and we thought it would be fun to continue it this year to help our students learn to put the rules into practice in a more formal setting.”

The sixth-grade teachers sent letters home seeking volunteers, and the parents responded. The volunteers were essential in helping to prepare and serve the meals to the students.

“Our teachers do an amazing job organizing this special event for their students every year,” GMS Principal Paul Wheeler. “This event was a huge success thanks to our parents who volunteered their time to serve the meal to students, as well as those parents who donated many of the essential items needed for the event. Thank you to each of you for your time and your donations.”

“This is a time of celebration and appreciation for the hard work our students have displayed this year,” Gangwer said. “Our Principals (Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Kinnard) and Superintendent (Mrs. Allerding) have been very supportive and have gone the extra mile to help us make this event a success.”

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