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What is Canvas? 

Canvas is a learning management system we have elected to use in grade 3-12. This LMS  allows teachers to blend many digital tools into one location, which makes accessing those tools easy for students. The adoption of Canvas was a decision made by a volunteer team of teachers and administrators who evaluated several LMS vendors.  The decision to use Canvas was unanimous among this evaluation team.  We are excited about the implementation.  It is yet another way that sets Galion City School District apart from others. 

Students will be able to view their courses in Canvas once the school year begins.

Consistency & Efficiency - As a district, we understand the transition to Canvas will take some time as this implementation requires our teachers to make many adjustments in their teaching routine. We believe that the consistency and efficiency Canvas brings will improve the process in which we teach and communicate with students and parents. 

Personalized Learning -Teachers are able to build their course digitally, with several options that allow for more personalized learning for students.  Some teachers are creating modules within their courses to be self-paced. We have been working hard district-wide to meet the needs of ALL students in order to achieve success.  This is one way that we can offer that support. 

Preparation for the Future - Canvas is just one of many learning management systems used world-wide in K-12 and universities.  However, Canvas is the LMS currently being used at The Ohio State University, University of Miami, North Central State University and many more. K-12 schools using Canvas in Ohio include Delaware City and Hilliard Schools as well as many others. Introducing our students to this instruction delivery method is not only especially relevant for our high school students who are currently involved with CCP courses, but also for those who will go on to a university in the future. 

Grade Book - The grade book that is produced within Canvas will allow teachers, students and parents to monitor student progress in two versions.  The "Grade" view displays a point/percentage.  The "Mastery" view displays level of competency for each state standard.  This will replace the use of ProgressBook on a daily basis.  Progress book will be used at the end of each grading period  to produce a printed version of student grades.  Parents are encouraged to create an Observer Account for each child.  

Canvas Apps -  Parent App, Student App and Teacher App are available for mobile devices.  


Important Links for Canvas 

Parent Observer Login Here

Parent Canvas Observer Account Setup


User Guides

Observer Guides

Guides for Android Users

Guides for iOS Users


Contacts for Questions about Canvas -

Veronica Rinehart - Director of Technology 419-468-3134 ext. 11012

Melisa Watters - Director of Learning & Instruction 419-468-3432 ext 11004

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Updated 2/11/21



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