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We appreciate you and your family being here and we thank you for trusting us with your child's education. We strive to provide each student with a rigorous education in a safe learning environment.

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Every student will fall into one of three categories. Be sure to follow the instructions specific to you. 

New or Re-Enrolling to Galion (Resident of Galion)

Schedule an appointment with Galion Schools Registrar HERE


Open Enrollments

  • Returning Open Enrollment Applications will be accepted between March 1 and May 1, 2021. Approved enrollments will be notified by mail on or before June 15, 2021 with instruction to complete the forms in Final Forms.  

Click Here to complete the Returning Open Application.

  • New Open Enrollment- Applications will be accepted at the discretion of the Superintendent. Click here to complete the application.  Once approved, you will be notified by mail and asked to schedule an appointment in our registration office located in the Central Administrative Office. 

Galion City Schools uses Final Forms, a web-based software to eliminate the use of paper forms.  This requires each student's parent/guardian to have an account, in which an active email is required. Within Final Forms you will complete all contact, emergency medical, transportation, athletic, and enrollment information. If you don't have a working email, one will be provided to you during your registration appointment. 


The following documentation is required, along with the completion of the form set in Final Forms, in order to complete the registration process.  All documentation should be brought to your appointment with our Central Registrar. During your appointment you will be set up and given time to complete Final Forms. Your child’s enrollment is not considered complete, and your child will not be assigned to a class or bus transportation, until this is complete and all documentation is on file in our office. 

1.  Proof of the child’s age  (birth certificate, passport, attested transcript of a hospital record)

2. Proof of Residency   We will accept any of the following

        • Two current utility bills in the parent’s name

        • A current mortgage statement + current utility bill in the parent’s’ name

        • A Lease/rental agreement + current utility bill  (parent’s name and landlord’s contact information must appear on the lease)

        • If your permanent residence is with another family in the district, a Notarized residency affidavit + 2 current utility bills in homeowner’s name. The Residential affidavit is available below.
        • If you are building a house in the district, the building contract, and written statement from the builder that occupancy will occur within 90 days of the first day of school in August.


3. Proof of Custody 

  • If the child’s parents are divorced, provide a copy of the complete court document (divorce/dissolution decree, shared parenting agreement, or other court determination of custody) including the cover page with filed/date stamp, page stating legal custodial/residential parent, and judge’s signature page (RC 3313.672 (B)(1)).

    • If legal custody is being established or changed, the petitioner has sixty (60) days from the date of enrollment to produce a signed Journal Entry of Judgment establishing a change in custody.  In order for your child to be enrolled in Galion City Schools during this waiting period, you must provide a copy of the filed/date stamped motion petitioning the court for a change in custody, and sign an affidavit stating that a custody change is in progress. The Seeking Custody Affidavit is available below. 

    • If someone other than the parent has been given legal guardianship or custody of the child, you must provide a copy of the court order transferring custody.

    • Grandparent POA (Power of Attorney) must be filed with the court.  We will NOT accepted a notarized document without being filed with the court. 

    • The general rule in Ohio is that an unmarried female who gives birth to a child is the sole residential parent and legal custodian of the child until a court issues an order designating another person as the residential parent and legal custodian (RC 3109.042).  In such cases, the mother will be asked to sign an Unmarried Parent Affidavit stating that she was not married to the father, and that legal custody of the child has not been assigned to either parent by the court. This affidavit is available below.  

4. Current Immunization Records

  • (For 2020 Kindergarten students) Immunization record, 5-year Physical form and Dental form

  • (For students in grades 1-12) current immunization records 7 & 12

5. School Records   We will request your child’s official records from their previous school; however, it is helpful if you provide
 an unofficial transcript or the child’s most recent report card, and Special Education records (IEP, ETR, 504 Plan) if applicable.

6. Parent’s Photo Identification (driver’s license/military ID/state ID)


Affidavits for Enrollment


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Kindergarten Screening 

August 5, 2021 Screenings will be held for the 2021-22 school year.  Appointments are required in advance and can be scheduled by calling the Administrative Office 419-468-3432. 

The August screening will be held at the Primary Building. 


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Applications for the 2021-22 school year now being accepted!

The Galion City School District is excited to announce that registration for the 5-Star Step Up to Quality Preschool Program for the 2021-2022 school year begins Monday, February 1.

Any interested parents or families can visit the school at 478 Portland Way North to request a registration packet. This packet must be completed and returned in order to secure a spot for your child.

The 5-Star rated Galion Preschool Program offers morning and afternoon classes Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday. The program promotes a “hands-on” learning environment that aligns with the State of Ohio preschool content standards in language arts, math, science, and social studies. A highly qualified teaching staff and certified educational aides provide instruction for students.

Qualifying students may also receive occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy during the school day.  The parent or guardian of registered students must complete a developmental checklist, called the ASQ-3, to determine if services are needed.

Preschool tuition is based on a sliding scale and can range from no cost for a family to $110.00 a month. If a student qualifies for services through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), the tuition fee will be waived. The sliding tuition fee scale is based on the Early Childhood Education Eligibility Screening Tool, which is included in the registration packet. The sliding tuition fee scale is available to ensure all families have access to a quality preschool program.

Snacks will be served daily, and transportation will be provided for those students who qualify. All students must be at least three years of age by August 1, 2021.

In order to secure a spot for your child, you must pick up a packet from the Primary School and return it completed with all documentation. Once the packet is completed and returned, your child will be put on a class list. For more information, please contact the Primary School at 419-468-4010.

Complete information regarding our 5-Star Preschool Program can be viewed here. 

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