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 Emergency Broadband Benefit

In partnership with RemotEDx Connectivity Champions we are pleased to share information about a temporary program to assist families and households struggling to afford internet service during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Emergency Broadband Benefit provides a discount of up to $50 per month toward broadband service for eligible households.  Eligible households can also receive a one-time discount of up to $100 to purchase a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet from participating providers. 

Among other eligible statuses, all students who qualify for the Federal Free and reduced Lunch Program as well as students in a Community Eligibility Provision school are eligible for the benefit. Eligible households can enroll through a participating broadband provider or directly with the Universal Service Administration Company (USAC) using an online application or mail in application.  Learn more about the benefit, including eligibility and enrollment information, by visiting www.fcc.gov/broadbandbenefit or by                      calling 833-511-0311. 

Families seeking assistance can also contact the RemotEDx Connectivity Champions who will guide families through the application process.  Connectivity Champions can be reached by phone at 8440512-6446, email at connectme@ohio-k12.help or through the web at https://www.ohio-k12.help/remotedx.


Help Get all Ohioans Connected to Internet

For the first time, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is asking consumers about their internet experience. 

If you are struggling with connectivity at home, whether it's inaccessible, unaffordable or unreliable, please reach out to the FCC to share your experience. 

The FCC will use this data to improve their broadband availability maps.  These maps will help internet service providers and governments understand where in Ohio internet service is most urgently needed and decide future funding of broadband services. 

Families struggling with internet connectivity, and therefore cannot access the survey can call the Connectivity Champions. They will help complete the survey over the phone. 

Call 844-K12-OHIO  


Click here to access survey


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