2020-21 District Directory

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Board of Education

Debra Donaldson

Grant Garverick

Dennis Long

Mike Mateer

Melissa Miller


Administrative Office

470 Portland Way North, Galion OH 44833 | PH: (419) 468-3432 | FAX: (410) 468-4333

Accounts Payable

Stasha Lucas

ext. 11007


Executive Secretary & EMIS

Regina Jutz

ext. 11000


Danya Wilson

ext. 11006



Charlene Parkinson

ext. 11003

Director of Instruction

Melisa Watters

ext. 11004



Allison Kiss

ext. 12006


Jennifer Allerding

ext. 11001 






Special Services

470 Portland Way North, Galion OH 44833 | PH: (419) 468-3432 | FAX: (410) 468-4333

Heather Carney
ext. 11010

Stacey Kuehlman
Secretary Student Services
ext. 11009

Kirstie Naumoff
Social Worker
ext. 14005

Cindy Parrott
Director of Student Services
ext. 11005

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Technology Department

(419) 468-3134

Carl Danison
Field Technician
ext. 11014

Steven Hammond
IT Coordinator
ext. 11013

Veronica Rinehart
Director of Technology
ext. 11012





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 Transportation, Building & Grounds

(419) 468-3432

Bus Garage, ext. 11022

Director of Transportation, ext. 11024 


Email Transportation Department




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Food Services

Lorie Pennington
Director of Food Services
(419) 468-3432 ext. 11016

High School Kitchen
(419) 468-6500 ext. 12009

Middle School
(419) 468-3134 ext. 13009

Intermediate School
(419) 468-3676 ext. 14009

Primary School
(419) 468-4010
ext. 15519 

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Galion High School


Principal, Ron Williams, ext. 12001

Assistent Principal, Matt Dick, ext. 12002

Secretary, Lori Kiser, ext. 12000

Attendance Allison Kiss, ext. 12006

Athletic Department

Athletic Director, Kyle Baugh, ext. 12003

Athletic/Guidance Secretary, Heather Kurtz, ext. 12007

Guidance Department

For students with last name starting A-K, Amanda Courtright, ext. 12005

For students with last name starting L-Z, Amy Cline, ext. 12004

Credit Recovery/ Galion Online Academy, Angie Gimbel, ext. 12108

GECA Coordinator, Tena Eyster, ext. 12124


Teaching Staff by Department



Jessica Hammond, ext. 13018

Claudia Riedy, ext. 12110

Rick Walker, ext. 12021



Bobby Gossom, ext. 12122



Cay Faulker, ext. 12206

Dave Kirk, ext. 12205

Nicole Meier, ext. 12214


Foreign Language

Heidi Anderson, ext. 12215

Jenna Bollinger, ext. 12216



Cheri Laughbaum, ext. 12114

Shani Rush, ext. 12217

Robin Stacy, ext. 12113



Michael Moore, ext. 12123

Mike Schaffner, ext. 12120

Anisa Warr, ext. 12115


Intervention Specialists

Magaret Carr, ext. 12209

Mikayla Hackett, ext. 12210

Kris Gearheart, ext. 12107

Nikki Lambright, ext. 12213



Angela DeGray, ext. 12208

Fred Rinehart, ext. 12212

Ted Maglio, ext. 12204



Amanda Kent, ext. 12223

Dave Rinehart, ext. 12228

Amy Tyree, ext. 12227


STEM/Robotics/Industrial Arts

Isaac Keinath, ext. 12103

Bruce Weirich, ext. 12101


Yearbook & Senior Class Advisor

Cay Faulkner, ext 12203



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Galion Middle School

(419) 468-3134

Principal, Paul Wheeler, ext. 13001

Assistent Principal, Brian Kinnard, ext. 13002

Secretary, Nicole Fagan, ext. 13000

Attendance Secretary, Mel Schaffner, ext. 13004

Athletic Director

Isaac Keinath, ext. 12103


Guidance Counselor 

Gabrielle Carsey, ext. 13004


Family Engagement Coordinator

Violeta Chinni, ext. 13549


Online Academy

Jaime Valentine, ext. 13117

Mira Zeisler, ext. 13117

 Teaching Staff by Department



Kevin Dickinson, ext. 13112

Jessica Hammond, ext. 13108

Rick Walker, ext. 12021



6th, Charles Wilson, ext. 13120

7th, John Erlsten, ext. 13206

8th, Gina Redman, ext. 13209


Foreign Language

Heidi Anderson, ext. 12215

Jenna Bollinger, ext. 12216


Intervention Specialists

Calli Bauer, ext. 13015

Jill Fenner, ext. 13203

Cindy Glew, ext. 13213

Terri Keckler, ext. 13214

Rich Ulmer, ext. 13016

Alison Weltmer, ext. 13205

Curt Wiggins, ext. 13121


Health/Physical Education

Sean Maguire, ext. 14107

Cole Plumb, ext. 13109



6th, Rachel Gangwer, ext. 13122

7th, Elizabeth Ice, ext. 13208

8th, Julie Gove, ext. 13210



6th, Kristi Jackson, ext 13117

7th, Sue Stark, ext. 13204

8th, Brent Tyrrell, ext. 13212


Social Studies

6th, Jon Stinehour, ext. 13123

7th, Troy Yunker, ext. 13207

8th, Shelly Barton, ext. 13211


STEM / Study Skills / Technology

Amy Graham, ext. 13106

Todd Roston, ext. 13111

Brian Vredenburgh, ext. 13105

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Galion Intermediate School

(419) 468-3676


Principal, Alex Sharick, ext. 14001

Assistent Principal, Sam Staton, ext. 14002

Secretary, Kathy Alguire, ext. 14000

Attendance Secretary, Marsha Rundell, ext. 14003



Kirstie Naumoff, ext. 14301


Online Academy

3rd, Laurie Obenour, ext. 14314

4th, Angie Campbell, ext. 14515

5th, Jaime Valentine, ext. 13108

5th, Mira Zeisler, ext. 13108

 Teaching Staff - Specials


Art, Rich Ratvasky, ext. 14119

Band, Jessica Hammond, ext. 13018

Music, Alisha Griffin, ext. 15009

Phys. Ed., Matt Tyrrell, ext. 14104

STEM, Josh Riggle, ext. 14403 

21st Century Skills, Beth Baughn, ext. 14404


Third Grade 

Angie Brocwell, ext. 14301

Lesley Buzza, ext. 14309

Hannah Douglas, ext. 14312

Moira Stinehour, ext. 14306



Fourth Grade

Lisa Fisher, ext. 14416

Neal Rinehart, ext. 14411

Donna Shipley, ext. 14405

Laurie Smith, ext. 14409

Michelle Talbott, ext. 14415


Fifth Grade

Stephanie Kiger, ext. 14510

Jenny Reagan, ext. 14509

Paula Prince, ext. 14517

Doris Weals, ext. 14507


Intervention Specialists

Sara Dick, ext. 14410

Marsha Garverick, ext. 14413

Corwin Ratliff, ext. 14513

Laura Gibson, ext. 14310

Sara Lutz, ext. 14506

Paula Seng, ext. 14304

Christine Smith, ext. 14609



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Galion Primary School & Preschool

(419) 468-4010

Principal, Katy Erlsten,  ext. 15001

Assistent Principal, Tina Crim, ext. 15002

Secretary, Jeanne Kuns, ext. 15000

Attendance Secretary, Theresa Benedict, , ext. 15004



Kirstie Naumoff, ext. 14502


Online Academy

Kindergarten Deanna Albert, ext. 15108

1st Grade Jenny Tanner, ext. 15109

2nd Grade, Lynne Foust, ext. 15210


 Teaching Staff


Art, Rich Ratvasky, ext. 14119

Band, Jessica Hammond, ext. 13108

Music, Alisha Griffin, ext. 15009

Phys. Ed., Matt Tyrrell, ext. 15515

STEM, Josh Riggle, ext. 14403 

21st Century Skills, Sara Palmer, ext. 15115



Lindy Edgell, ext. 15016

Lindsey Gribble, ext. 15119

Suzanne Woodmansee, ext. 15011



Ashley Cuttitta, ext. 15112

Rhonda Evak, ext. 15010

JT Harris, ext. 15106

Maura Rider, ext. 15011

Cheryl Walter, ext. 15117


 First Grade

Kim Chandler, ext. 15111

Jena Gardner, ext. 15106

Julie Human, ext. 15116

Laura Humberson, ext. 15113

Sarah Wegesin, ext. 15110


Second Grade

Ashley Bouma, ext. 15206

Cindy Conner, ext. 15212

Jamie Maguire, ext. 15209

Aleta Rowe, ext. 15208

Monica Shifley, ext. 15214


Intervention Specialists

Samantha Altstadt, ext. 15101

Charlie Miller, ext. 15102

Madison Skinner, ext. 15203

Megan Tyrrell, ext. 15204

Elizabeth Volz, ext. 15107

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Recent News


  • Galion staff set to receive first COVID-19 vaccine Friday Galion staff set to receive first COVID-19 vaccine Friday Galion City Schools staff and administration will receive their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on Friday, February 26. The Galion City Health Department will be administering the vaccine to Galion staff members. more
  • Galion students dominate spelling bee competition Galion students dominate spelling bee competition Galion Middle School eighth grade students Craig Geiger, Cohen Pierce, and Jillian Capretta can spell so well that they will be representing Galion in the Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center Tri-County Spelling Bee on Thursday, February 18. The competition will be held virtually because of the pandemic, limiting the Zoom call to only participants and coaches or school representatives. more
  • Mobile Food Pantry returns to Galion February 24 Mobile Food Pantry returns to Galion February 24 The Second Harvest Food Bank of North Central Ohio’s Crawford County Mobile Drive-Thru Pantry event returns to the Galion City Schools campus on Wednesday, February 24. more