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The following staff members have completed necessary trainings to earn recognition from Apple as an Apple Teacher.  We are proud to spotlight each of them here.  


Jenny Jackson 

Jenny is the Literacy Coach for both the Primary and Intermediate Schools. In addition she is the Technology Coach at the Primary. She has been teaching in Galion since 2001.  She is a graduate of Ashland University and earned her Master's Degree in Educational Theory and Practice from Arkansas State University. Jenny enjoys the features that lie within the iPad for students to showcase their creativity as well as the endless opportunities for engagement and collaboration. 


Laurie Smith

Laurie is a graduate of The Ohio State University and has been teaching in Galion since 2003. Currently she teaches 4th grade and is the Technology Coach for the Intermediate School. In the classroom, Laurie enjoys the creativity that technology brings to education in addition to having instant access to information. Seeing her students grow and thrive as they learn how to problem-solve with apps that feature their learning is a highlight of her job as a teacher. 


Amy Graham

Amy has taught in Galion since 2000. She earned her bachelor's degree as well as her Master's of Educational Leadership from Bowling Green State University. Currently Amy teaches Technology to the 6th graders in addition to serving as the Middle School's Technology Coach.  In these two roles, Amy is able to support both teachers and students in projects that support what is happening in the classrooms.  Her favorite Apple app is Clips because it is user-friendly and engages students in the learning process.  She loves that as a whole, technology improves productivity and communication for all ages.


Anisa Warr

Anisa joined the High School staff in 2018. She teaches American History and Government in addition to being the Technology Coach. She is a graduate of University of Toledo and is currently working toward her Master's Degree in Social Sciences through Ohio University.  She enjoys using the iPad to take virtual tours of museums and historical monuments as well as finding tools useful in discussing geography. Her favorite thing about technology is that it is constantly changing to be more helpful in enhancing our lessons in the classroom and in our everyday lives outside the classroom.

 Lisa Fisher 

Lisa obtained her bachelor's degree from The Ohio State University and her Master's Degree in Differentiated Instruction from Graceland University.  She joined the Galion team of teachers in 2008. She currently teacher 4th grade at the Intermediate building where she uses technology to enhance the curriculum and keep her students engaged.  She utilizes her favorite Apple app daily, Classroom, to monitor her students' activity during class.


Josh Riggle

Josh graduated with his bachelor's degree from Spring Arbor University and has been with Galion Schools since 2010.  He currently teaches our STEM classes at both the Primary and Intermediate buildings.  Pages and Keynote are his favorite Apple apps because they are easy to use and offer many creative options, including green screen backgrounds and the instant alpha tool to remove the background of an image. Josh, is excited about technology because it provides students the opportunity to explore in unimaginable ways.  Anything they can imagine can be brought to life or explored at the touch of a screen. 


Adam Lehman

Adam is a graduate of The Ohio State University and joined Galion City Schools in 2009 as an Educational Assistant.  He currently manages the library at Galion Intermediate where he is also involved with several clubs and programs. He is an avid Star Wars fan and a big fan of the productivity apps that Apple offers in the Everyone Can Create series.  As a club advisor, he utilizes his favorite app, Keynote, to share information with the students. He is understanding of the fact that technology can sometimes be a source of frustration, but finds comfort in knowing it makes us better at what we do. 

Veronica Rinehart

Ronnie is the district's Director of Technology.  Prior to taking this position in 2015, she taught 4th grade at the Intermediate building.  Her passion for integrating technology in the classroom is what led her to this current role.  Ronnie has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from The Ohio State University and her Master's Degree in Special Education from Mount Vernon Nazarene. She loves trying new EdTech tools and helping staff and students learn new skills. Her favorite thing about Apple is that they have every learner in mind as they develop new tools. The accessibility features with the iPad and the apps allow all learners to engage in learning. 

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