Campus Wear

Galion City School District students in grades 3-12 are required to follow the district's Campus Wear policies and procedures. Below are links to several documents to help you understand the Campus Wear policies and procedures. If you have additional questions, please contact your child's school or call 419-468-3432.

Parent/Student Campus Wear Checklist 

Purpose:  To encourage students to present themselves in a positive and appropriate manner that will be expected beyond high school. 

Acceptable dress must be appropriately sized, fitted, and clean. NO baggy, sagging, or excessively tight clothing is permitted. Clothing that is distressed or that has rips/holes in it is not to be worn even with tights/sweats under. Clothing with profane or obscene pictures and/or lettering or which refers to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, firearms, or related material is prohibited. Judgment of an administrator in matters of dress and appearance is final. Attire cannot be altered and must conform to the following requirements:


  1. Permitted lower body attire must be worn around the waist.

  2. No denim, jean, sweat, tights, yoga pants, leggings, or windbreaker style of pants shall be worn.

  3. Skirts/jumpers must be of fingertip length or longer.

  4. Shorts must be of fingertip length or longer. Khaki (tan) or dark blue Capri style pants are allowed.

  5. Approved colors for all bottoms are solid color khaki (tan) or dark blue. Corduroy material in solid khaki (tan) or dark blue is acceptable.


Any combination of blue, orange, white/off white, or gray may be worn. All shirts must have sleeves. If a student chooses to wear Spirit Wear, then the following must occur:

  1. T-Shirts must be Galion Schools related (GHS, academics, athletics, band theater, etc.) and meet the color expectation.

      If a student chooses not to wear Spirit Wear, then the following must occur:

  1. A white/off-white, blue, orange or gray shirt/top may be worn. Either long or short sleeves are permitted. Turtlenecks are permitted. This does not apply to shirts designed to be worn as undershirts.

  2. Approved colors for all sweaters, sweatshirts, fleece tops and scarfs are white/off-white, blue, orange, or gray.

  3. Plain long sleeved white, off-white, orange, blue or gray may be worn under polo/or button front shirts. No other layering under or over approved tops.

Exemptions/Exceptions: The Campus Wear Policy approved by the Galion City Board of Education must allow exceptions for students participating in nationally recognized youth groups that have their own uniforms on days when these organizations have scheduled activities.

Pursuant to the Free Exercise Clause under the first Amendment to the United States Constitution, there also may be situations where legitimate religious objections must be accommodated. Where required, this exception must be provided regardless of whether it is specified in the uniform policy.

Other Exceptions Include: Students with medical or physical disabilities may require special clothing not in compliance with the Campus Wear Policy. The IEP team (which includes the building principal) will make any determination for this special clothing. This should also be noted in the student’s health plan if applicable.

Students with an injury, illness or condition that would exempt them from Campus Wear compliance will need a written physician’s excuse and approval of the building principal. Special Activity Days (i.e. Picture Day, Spirit Days, Field Trips etc.) may be allowed with the prior approval of the building principal. Any variation of clothing on these special activity days must follow the Campus Wear guidelines. Any used or handed down clothing must be in good condition and follow the Campus Wear guidelines. If you have any questions regarding the campus wear policy, please contact your child’s school.