Student/Parent Handbooks

We offer these handbooks as a way to fully inform our Galion families of the opportunities and responsibilities as members of the student body. 

Information in these handbooks pertain to all students enrolled in each of our schools including our students who are educated off campus, i.e. Pioneer Career & Technology Center and all CCP locations.

Students and parents are urged to read these handbooks carefully.  Knowing the expectations will help each student successfully navigate through the the school year.

The rules, regulations and procedures in these handbooks are subject to continual review for possible change.  All policies and procedures put forth in these handbooks have been adopted by the Galion City Board of Education.  Unless official changes are made, the regulations, policies, and procedures listed herein will govern the administration of the school.

Terms to clarify:

references to "parent" will also include legal guardian

references to "immediate family" will include parents, brothers, sisters, and grandparents.

references to "Wireless Communication Devices" includes cell phone, and wireless headphones.