Police officer teaching students to look both ways

Our incoming kindergarteners are much safer now, thanks to participating in the week-long Galion City Safety Town program! Safety Town is an annual event put on in the summer months at no cost to its participants. It is held at Galion Primary School for any child living in the Galion City School District who will be in kindergarten (they need not attend Galion City Schools).

This year’s students enjoyed a fun range of activities, all aimed at getting acquainted with basic safety guidelines, rules for crossing the street, traffic and bus safety, and the services offered by the city of Galion to keep our citizens safe. Students even enjoyed “Village Time,” where they drove around a little village in the parking lot, navigating traffic while obeying traffic signs and lights.

The incoming kindergarteners were introduced to officers of the Galion Police Department throughout the week. Officers Collin Fox, Brooklyn Potter, Brandon Grant, and Detective Darren Patrick all paid a visit. The kids even met the new Galion City Schools’ School Resource Officer, Austin Chaplin.

K-9 Officer Andrew Rehm and K-9 Basco gave the kids a presentation, and Galion Police Chief Marc Rodriguez attended graduation at the end of the week.

“Safety Town is a tradition, and we’re so lucky to be able to teach the children of Galion these important safety situations,” said Officer Chaplin. “It’s essential that our kids get to know the basics, and this week is a fun and informative way to prepare them for all the ways in which following the rules is important.”

Capt. Eagle from the Galion Fire Department brought the department’s “black crew,” one of the three Red, Gold and Black crews, to teach fire safety and give tours of the fire trucks and ambulance. Thanks to the presentation by Lieutenant Mike Saurers and firefighters/paramedics Jason Snyder, Keith Nickler, Shane Morrison, Aaron Barnhart and Austin Heydinger, the students could better understand fire safety and how helpful our local fire department is!

Buckle Bear from the health department even made an appearance, teaching seatbelt safety and how to properly wash their hands to protect against germs.

“We look forward to safety town every summer,” said Galion City Schools Superintendent Jennifer Allerding. “We can’t thank our staff and guests enough for the informative and fun way they teach our kids these important safety tips. Meeting the local police officers, firefighters, K-9 officers, and everyone who comes and presents is a big thrill for these kids. To have this much success with our Safety Town week is a team effort, and our team continues to put our kids and their safety first. Thanks for another great week, everyone!”

Firefighters reviewing fire safety with students

Bus driver teaching hand signals

Students touring fire truck

Students driving on safety town course