Profile of a Tiger

As we begin this school year, we will remain focused on what it means to be a Galion Tiger with our newly established Profile of a Tiger. Created in collaboration with Galion teachers, administrators, staff, students and families, the input and perspectives of all involved are a true testament to the student-first mentality we share in our work.

This Profile is a roadmap, guiding our district to what we consider to be successful Galion graduates. Our work contributes to student success in the classroom, but it is just as important that we prepare our students for success once they graduate from our district and begin paving their own paths in the world. 

These values should extend beyond our hallways, classrooms and arenas of competition. The true mark of a great district is the accomplishments our students achieve as they continue as members of our community. 

Our students will depend on these tenets to guide them throughout their entire Galion careers – from kindergarten to high school graduation – getting stronger in these values as they grow and learn. The best we, as mentors and family members, can do to support our students’ growth is to display these principles ourselves. We can only ask of our children what we, too, expect of ourselves. 

With our Profile of a Tiger, we are working to ensure every day is a “Great Day to be a Tiger!”