Centegix badge

At Galion City Schools, we value the safety of our students and staff above all else, and we are taking proactive steps to bolster our security systems. On Friday, Oct. 14, administrators met with the Ohio Schools Safety Center and completed a safety assessment. The Safety Center plays a vital role in assisting schools across the state with preventing, preparing for, and responding to threats of violence. The center was pleased with the measures Galion presently has and what we plan to put in place soon. The Center also made additional recommendations and shared other best practices that are now being implemented by our staff.

Superintendent Jennifer Allerding said, “The Ohio School Safety Center is a helpful resource in our efforts to be proactive in creating an environment in which our students and staff can breathe easy about their safety. We are proud of our evaluation and look forward to implementing more systems that will improve our prevention and response measures.” 

Galion City Schools will be the first school district in Ohio to install Centegix, a safety system that allows staff to alert administrators and first responders quickly and easily in the event of an emergency. We are proud to be a leader among Ohio school districts in implementing this innovative system. The systems installation requires about three months to be fully implemented and hope to have it up and running at the beginning of 2023.

“Creating a learning environment where students feel safe is a foundational component of educating our students,” said Allerding. “It is a priority that our students, staff and families feel safe coming to our buildings, and with our continued vigilance and additional resources, we continue to build that foundation.” 

Keep an eye out for updates as we progress with this initiative and others.