Mark your calendars for April 24th! Galion City Schools will be hosting a special Internet Safety Presentation by Jesse Weinberger. As we all know, the internet can be a scary and dangerous place, especially for kids. This presentation will provide valuable information and tips on how to keep ourselves and our children safe online. A free spaghetti dinner and baby sitting for children K-5 will be provided. Don't miss out on this important event!
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A Night with Jesse Weinberger, April 24th
About Jesse Weinberger
The Galion School District is thrilled to announce that it has recently received an anonymous donation to help offset its growing lunch fund debt. The donation generously paid off the lunch debt for the entire Galion Intermediate School. This kind and thoughtful gesture of support comes at an especially fortunate time for the district, which has seen a significant increase in food service debt due to the increased number of students lacking the funds to pay for their lunches. The Galion Elementary PTO launched Lunchbox Heroes to assist the district in covering the cost of meals for those students without the funds to pay for them. Those interested in donating should contact the Galion Elementary PTO via email at Donations may also be made directly through the PTO PayPal and including the note “Lunchbox Hero.”Additionally, donations may be dropped off at any school building.
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Be a Lunchbox Hero!
Happy Art in Our Schools Month! We are thrilled to celebrate the incredible talent of our students here at Galion City Schools. 🎨🎉 Our hallways are filled with artwork created by our students. From colorful paintings to arts & crafts, we couldn't be more proud of the creativity. We believe that art education is essential to a well-rounded education, and we're committed to providing our students with opportunities to explore their creativity and express themselves through art.
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Student artwork
Student artwork
Student artwork
Student artwork
Student artwork
Student artwork
Student artwork
Did you know that regular school attendance better predicts graduation than a student’s 8th-grade test scores?
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Attendance Fact: Attendance is a better predictor of graduation than eighth-grade test scores.
As a district, we will continue to prioritize safety, explore the best methods, and ensure that current safety measures are accurately functioning. Tomorrow afternoon (3/15) at approximately 1:30 p.m., Galion City School District will conduct a districtwide lockdown drill to assess the newly installed Centegix CrisisAlert system. This drill will be the second district wide test of the system, which also notifies local first responders. The Galion Police Department will participate in the exercise to ensure the communication is received and dispatched properly. Practicing the procedures and systems we have in place ensures that they work as they should. We will continue to communicate with families regarding safety practices and updates to our procedures.
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Galion City Schools will have a districtwide practice lockdown tomorrow afternoon. Galion Police Department will be on campus to participate.
1. Create new memories as a Tiger. 2. Continue your education at Galion City Schools. 3. Open enroll today and register by May 1st. Visit our website to learn more:
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Open enroll with Galion City Schools!
The Galion City Schools will be on a 2-hour delay today, March 14, 2023. Please remember that there will be no ROAR and no breakfast this morning. Be safe, Tigers!
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2 hr delay
Galion Tigers remain committed to upholding the Profile of a Tiger—our roadmap for success. This set of values is purposeful: they guide us within the district walls and beyond them to produce successful graduates ready for their next steps. Let’s explore the importance of Balance! Galion Tigers consciously prioritize a healthy balance between personal, academic, and emotional demands. They divide their time meaningfully between school activities, friends, and family. Balanced Tigers retain the ability to organize and self-regulate the needs of daily life.
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Tigers are balanced. Divides time meaningfully between a varity of things uch as school activities, friends and family
This week celebrates School Social Workers! Our school social worker, Kristie Naumoff, educates others on social-emotional issues and provides students with mental health and crisis services when needed. Thank you, Kirstie, for being a dedicated resource for our students!
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Quote from Kirstie Naumoff
Galion Intermediate students have been participating in Read Across America Week, celebrated March 2-6 in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday. Today at 9:00am students from all grade levels paused to read for about 20 minutes. Families at home were encouraged to participate, as well, to read across America with millions of other students countrywide!
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Students reading at desks
Students reading at desks
Students reading at desks
Students reading at desks
Students reading at desks
Maintenance Workers are the hidden heroes that keep our schools in tip-top shape. Our maintenance workers are ready to tackle the problem when something needs fixing. Galion Intermediate School recently welcomed Matt Eusey as their new PM custodian. Matt was previously the night high school custodian and has transitioned to GIS full-time. We are excited to have Mr. Eusey join the GIS staff, and are so grateful for all of our hard working maintenance staff. Today, we celebrate you!
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Celebrating maintenance workers appreciation day!
During the February Board of Education meeting, Veronica Rinehart, director of technology, Amy Graham, tech coach, and several Galion Middle School students shared various new learning technologies introduced to the district this year. The middle school students loved showing off the latest technology they use daily, including Active Floors, Merge Cubes, and Padcasters.
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Students and tech coach explaining active floors
It's time to get ready for the upcoming school year! Kindergarten registration is now open! Screening will be on April 18th and 19th. Please call 419-468-4010 to schedule an appointment for registration. Children eligible for enrollment must be at least five years of age by Aug. 1st, 2023.
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K Registration
Galion High School Tigers are learning new carpentry skills before and after school through the ROAR Program. With funding from the 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant and in collaboration with the Indiana-Kentucky-Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship, our students can learn critical trade skills outside of the classroom.
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Carpentry student with project
Carpentry student working
Carpentry student sitting on bench
It's time to get ready for the upcoming school year! Preschool registration is now open, so don't miss out on your chance to help your little one get a head start in their education!
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Preschool Program Registration Open
Upcoming district testing information! For additional dates, please visit our website
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Upcoming District Testing Information
At February’s meeting, the Board of Education proudly celebrated students who embodied the Profile of a Tiger trait—Integrity. Galion Tigers understand that doing what is right should be done even when no one else is watching and consider others’ opinions under challenging situations. These remarkable learners have an unyielding dedication to their values and beliefs, allowing them to exhibit strong moral principles with honesty as their cornerstone consistently. For this reason, these individuals: Izzyona – 1st grade; Gabriella – 4th grade; Jadyne – 6th grade; and Nora – 11th grade, were honored for presenting exceptional character!
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Students recognized for integrity with their certificates.
GIS sent off the Tiger youth wrestlers in style! Max, 4th Grade, Lucas, 5th Grade, and Lucca, 6th Grade, competed in the State Wrestling Tournament over the weekend.
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State Wrestling qualifiers
Walking the hallway for clap out
Walking the hallway for clap out
Happy Presidents Day, Tigers!
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Happy Presidents Day!
Last school year, we served over 305,000 meals, breakfast and lunch combined. Food Service (School Cafeteria) operations are recorded and tracked through an Enterprise Fund. The Enterprise or Food Service Program must operate as a stand-alone entity within the public school. All revenues and expenses are accounted for in an Enterprise Fund. The Food Service Program does not receive any support from the District General Fund or any other fund at Galion City Schools. There are two main sources of revenue for the Food Service Enterprise Fund. The first source is the payments parents make each week on their student’s lunch account. The second source of revenue is the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Last year the district received over $1.1 million in revenues from the NSLP. This year we estimate the revenues from the NSLP to be $718,000. The decrease in revenue is attributable to the elimination of the COVID-19 relief funds from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Like everything else, the cost of milk, bread, fruit and vegetables is on the rise. The Food Service Enterprise has to absorb these costs, just as our families have to absorb these costs at home. Due to the increased cost of food items and the decrease in funds received from the NSLP, the District asks that each family determine their eligibility for free or reduced lunch status using the online portal on the district website ( The income parameters have changed, and many families may now be eligible for a free lunch every day. Every little bit helps! If you need assistance completing the application, contact Shannon King, Food Service Director, at 419.468.3432, extension 11016, or via email at
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Finance Fact